Electronic Music Monthly – February Edition, Now Up on Spotify

It’s February already and that means another recommended list hits Spotify from yours truly! The MRL (Electronic) has been going well and I’ve been considering branching out with new lists for more genres. There’s so much music to cover! If you haven’t already, follow us for more info on that as it develops. Have any song recommendations or different styles you’d like to see monthly? Let us know in the comments!

To keep in mind and in case you didn’t know:

This playlist covers several subgenres of Electronic music with some lesser known material, as well as featuring, Tiger One Charlie, one of our site’s own artists! We update this list monthly and you’ll only need to hit follow once to get new music every month if you approve of our self-proclaimed most-worthy playlist. Even if it’s not your thing, check out our full library over on Spotify for awesome “unofficial” soundtracks to hit video games to exclusive playlists to some of our favorite artists. We cover so many different styles of music, there’s something for everyone. Keep up to date with us for more epic compilations to come and enjoy!



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