What Am I Even Doing Here? | New Music Being Worked On | What I’m Listening To

I’m writing this from Saturday night and now rolling into Sunday morning with the exciting news of working on new music for Arcane Objective. Vocals are coming in nicely and I finished placing the first track of the album together already. That being said, I find it difficult to self-promote the upcoming album without cringing too hard. At least talking about it more casually provides a little more substance and some reflection for myself. On another note, I’ve been enjoying King Yosef’s new EP, scratch that, its an album. I guess I don’t know what calls for an album when it comes to track total or play time. The seven songs are quick and dirty, but I have played them over and over all weekend. I have to recommend if you enjoy the heavy industrial sound with hardcore-like vocals. Its just the kind of loud music I needed. If you’re interested, I’ll list the playlist below that I’m attempting to keep updated with more music like that and as an Industrial music-esque playlist on Spotify. Anyways, I hope to check in again soon.




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