Pre-Save the First Song from the Upcoming Album | More Music to Follow | The Plan

I’m excited to say that a brand-new song is out soon and available every where June 3rd. Don’t lose it and keep an ear out for the release by pre-saving with the link above. “I Guess It Turned Out Ok” is one of the 12 upcoming songs from the album in progress. I hope you enjoy the first hint of what’s to come, and for now, there will be individual releases ahead of the full album which will also be out later this summer. It’s been quite a while and one of my more drawn out productions for an album by the span of two years. On another note, I had such a great time with “You Were Always Alone” and its remixes that I have considered doing that again with the next album. It was a great way to take risks on new derivatives of my work that may not have fit with the original collection of songs but still sounded so good! I hope you enjoy everything as much as I have. I look forward to sharing more soon.



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