President Mom Ships Prime|Death Stranding Gameplay On Our Channel

We enjoy a Letsplay of Death Stranding and the hilarity of balancing two day shipments!  Mel and I have a tough time taking the "Dead Man" character seriously and have a serious issue handling the mossy terrain with a dead woman strapped to our back.  Yea, this game can take you on some odd directions. ... Continue Reading →

Death Stranding Discussion with Kojima at Playstation Experience to Hopefully Offer More Detail Than Just a Naked Norman Reedus

  This Saturday kicks off a Two-day Playstation exclusive event in Anaheim, California to present to visitors some of the industry's hottest upcoming games as well as a plethora of showcased titles available to play throughout the show floor.  However, what has gained the most buzz, is a panel discussion scheduled to provide highly desired news about Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima's... Continue Reading →

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