Don’t Count on a Silent Hills Revival: Impressions From the New Death Stranding Trailer

 Since its resurfacing from the Game Awards and PSX this month, Death Stranding's second teaser has vastly expanded the world Hideo Kojima has coveted, yet the game remains just as cryptic as ever.  If there wasn't enough questions already, now you have a debut of Guillermo and Mads in a post-apocalyptic setting with undead... Continue Reading →


Death Stranding Discussion with Kojima at Playstation Experience to Hopefully Offer More Detail Than Just a Naked Norman Reedus

  This Saturday kicks off a Two-day Playstation exclusive event in Anaheim, California to present to visitors some of the industry's hottest upcoming games as well as a plethora of showcased titles available to play throughout the show floor.  However, what has gained the most buzz, is a panel discussion scheduled to provide highly desired news about Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima's... Continue Reading →

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