Gardenlandia- Adventures Around New Jersey: Pennsville Farm Market

This is our second installment of the New Jersey focused adventure section of our website. And we have a lot to cover so I am going to jump right in! One of the best things about living in Jersey is that there is an abundance of farm stands everywhere. Southern Jersey in particular is super... Continue Reading →


MORE METAL! CE Radio- Top Metal and New Tracks For You   This week can start off right with new music from Electric Wizard and Cradle of Filth, plus classics like Mercyful Fate!  Explore this playlist to hear our favorites with the first ten tracks being the latest addition.  Keep it Metal! Tell us what you think @custodiexitus on Twitter.  We'd love to hear your suggestions!... Continue Reading →

The 2017 Small Press Expo

Custodi Exitus took a trip this weekend to Bethesda, MD for the 2017 Small Press Expo! This was our first time attending the expo which showcases killer indie artists, comics, graphic novels and cartoons from around the world. It was so cool to walk the SPX floor and see so many different talent artists and... Continue Reading →

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