Farcry 5 Set in Montana….WHUT?

The official announcement trailer will be here in two days and we were graced with this possible cover art photo for the next installment of Far Cry just today on Ubisoft's Twitter.  Analyzing this a bit further reveals the story that will supposedly take place in the state of Montana and looks to be present... Continue Reading →

5 Last-Gen Must Play Games

Sometimes you just have to go old school to appreciate and experience better games out there. Whether you never got to them or were unconvinced, here's a quick list to consider from some of the best games out there from 7-10 years ago.  Even now, these titles still stick with fans today and the list... Continue Reading →

Alien Covenant – Top 5 Things We Loved!

Custodi Exitus grabbed some popcorn and finally saw Alien Covenant! Ahh it's been a long time coming. If you haven't seen the movie yet you might want to stop right here because there will be spoilers. More importantly, if you haven't gone and seen this movie, go see it already! It is really satisfying. Also, I heard... Continue Reading →

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