The Most Anticipated Game of Each Month (First Half)

It’s shaping up to be one of the best gaming years in history and with an amazing lineup of releases already coursing through the year of 2023. With too many to list, we are pointing out the most exciting games by each month. Take a look and see if this lines up with your schedule!

Hogwarts Legacy -February 10th, 2023

What more can be said than playing through your own Harry Potter experience! And now the wait is over! You’ve watched the movies, read the books, maybe even seen the Universal Studios theme park version of your favorite wizarding world, now play as your own imagined sorcerer in probably the most detailed depiction we’ve seen yet.

Resident Evil 4 Remake -March 24th, 2023

Horror season comes early this year, and the nightmare keeps going with Capcom remaking their very popular fourth installment of the series. This everlasting anthology has spearheaded the remake scheme quite successfully and all the updated versions have been even more terrifying in 4K.

Dead Island 2 -April 28th, 2023

Who could have seen this coming? Even from previous articles we were writing about the disappearance of an exciting sequel to a great zombie horror game. With such noteworthy and impactful game trailers to entice the gaming community, it soon led to only crickets for 8 years! Despite the change of development studios, we still foresee Dead Island 2 being a great sequel with a distinctive gameplay style and an arsenal of creative weaponry.

Redfall -May 2nd, 2023

Games are back and so are vampires! Arkane Studios gives us a vibrant and action packed experience with multiplayer co-op in an open world full of blood sucking demons. Redfall looks like a great co-op adventure that we rarely see these days at the AAA level.

Diablo 4 -June 6th, 2023

The fourth installment over the top RPG experience looks like an amazing addition to the series that stays true to its form and boasts a class-based dynamic that can harness multi-pronged strengths towards your overall strategy. There is a reason why this grim and bold RPG has stood the tests of time and has bred quite a following since its origin. And yet another outstanding multiplayer co-op game is released in the first half of the year.

So that’s our list for the first half of an already speeding by year! We can’t wait to get our hands on these games and are looking forward to an already reputable year of gaming. At the time of writing this, we still painfully are waiting for an official release date for Starfield which was last known to be scheduled in the first half of this year. Fingers crossed! So what games are you looking out for in 2023?


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