The Best Cooperative PS4 Games for Halloween 2020

It's October and you've made it a priority to get into more horror games for the season, and with Halloween drawing near, there are so many games out there that could utterly terrify its players. In such virtual fright and peril, why go it alone? Here is a list of the top horror games that... Continue Reading →

2019 PlayStation Halloween Sale!

Looking for a few spooky games to get you in the Halloween spirit? Do a little trick-or-treating at the PlayStation Store during their 2019 Halloween Sale! We are all about buying games at a hefty discount, so now is the time to pull the trigger on games that you have been eyeing! Here are just... Continue Reading →

Do You Only Have YouTube Friends?

People are more connected than ever and there's a community out there for just about everything you can think of.  You see it all the time; videos go viral, a tweet can spark outrage from the masses, and communities can raise money for an amazing cause or for charity.  There's an interesting note to take... Continue Reading →

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