Remastering the Silent Hill Games May Become Very Likely

Over all the speculation recently on whether a trademark renewal in Canada means more Silent Hill games, another option for Konami is to eventually remaster Silent Hill, a benchmark horror survival game originally released on PlayStation one back in 1999.  It could be economically feasible to recreate the famous horror franchise instead of a continuation of the story, and lets face it, remastering games are in and aren’t going away anytime soon.  Most notably so, the Resident Evil series has recently redone its second installment with critical acclaim and would be a great example for Konami to follow suit.


With the unfortunate spin-off game, Metal Gear Survive, long-time fans of that series were quick to point out the tastelessness of the game especially after the controversial departure of Hideo Kojima and his creative input.  At this point, Silent Hill side stories have been exhausted on the PS2 and PS3, but many could agree recreating what started it all would be the most exciting news Konami could produce.  At this point, there is no real news to evaluate, especially since the publishing company has made no official statement or announcement for anything related to Silent Hill.  Still, if Konami made Metal Gear Survive into an actual thing, then we don’t see why Silent Hill Remastered would be a bad idea.

The Amazing P.T. demo, the Silent Hill Halloween Nurse costumes every year, and the shit your pants horror these games has brought everyone should be argument enough to bring back our foggy nightmare game back from the dead.



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