Geared Up For Fall? Dunkin’ Donuts Says, NOW!

There are two sides to this war and depending on which one you’re on, this post will make you scoff or get you pumped!  That is “Pumpkin Donuts”, the self nicknamed fast food chain, has already kicked off their Fall season lineup of pumpkin fall goodness.  Customers can partake in the new flavor, Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Signature Latte, which is not only a mouthful but every added word is a chunk of Hit Points to my own masculinity.  Regardless, folks can also enjoy classic flavors like pumpkin flavored donuts, munchkins, and muffins, while an apple cider donut is a new pick for the menu.


Yes, Dunkin Donuts is forcing a change of seasons earlier and earlier with the full Fall menu released surprisingly on August 21st. And although they cannot turn the hot weather off, they can favorably manipulate us into thinking the season is so close that we can all taste it.  This may be enabling to some, but their new latte is pretty damn good iced.  Although, I miss last year’s Maple Pecan swirl and there’s no sign of it this Fall.


So, even if you’re not an active member of the PSL community (Pumpkin Spice Latte), there are still plenty of good things to look forward to in the upcoming season.  Whatever you’re into, we hope you enjoy it.  And lest us know in the comments what your go to treats are for your Fall season.



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