Date Night with Killing Floor 2 – Beta Review


Nothing is more romantic than double PlayStations, double headsets, and a double barrel boom stick blazing through hordes of Zeds.  This weekend we are trying out the open beta for Killing Floor 2. It is only out till Sunday night so we need to rack up some kills fast to get an idea of what is to come with the full release.

I love the monsters in this game. The spider crawling monster that scuttles around your feet scares me on a primal level. Not my tootsies! It reminds me of a darker version of the head monster from The Thing. Other stand out baddies include the bloater man we have affectionately dubbed moobs.


There is an impressive amount of creature designs and their different functions, and the AI is fun to mess with.

The gun load out is well done. I can fight with a Katana or use a gun and scope to watch their heads explode in slow motion. You get to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life, like limbs being shot off bodies. It is pure chaos at times! Sometimes it’s so dark that the Zeds sneak up on you and your heart beats faster, gaining a burst of adrenaline. Nope right out of that dark hallway!


The game feels like a delightful love child of Doom, Dying Light, Resident Evil, and Blacklight Retribution. The list goes on and on. Coming from a background where I have heard of this game but never really checked it out, I was impressed. The developers definitely came out with some really entertaining stuff.

This game shines when you are playing it with a bunch of friends. Relying on your squad becomes essential as waves of neon light zombies hurl themselves in your direction. One of the most successful tactics to stay alive is to set yourself up in an area with doors that you can weld shut. That way you have created a more manageable area to provide defilade. Having good communication is a must! In relationships and in games. That little tip is free!


Other than that, I really appreciated the amount of gore this game has. Oh boy, chunks of skin and bones fly all over the place! The gore stays for the duration of the game with a cumulative effect; so you get to see the bloody soupy mess you just made on the floor.  Its so satisfying! Trust me, if you like to see lots of juicy spurting blood, this title will not disappoint.  Even when you get head shots, those headless creatures still reach out desperately for you.  The game plays over a solid instrumental Metal soundtrack that fuels the carnage and chaos offered in marathons at a time.

Overall, this game is enjoyable and definitely worth a play, especially while the beta is still out.  Play it while the killin’ is good!





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