Current YouTube Fave! Monster Factory

Looking for a little sunshine in this dark dark world? Lets watch some YouTube Videos!

Monster Factory 

Are you the type of person who can spend hours in a character creator in a new game? Well, Monster Factory is what you would get if you did just that while goofing around with your BFF.

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Monster Factory is the child of Griffin McElroy and his older brother Justin McElroy.  Yes, the same funny brothers behind The Adventure Zone! Boom! I know I am soooo late to the party when it comes to the McElroy stuff, but Its so good, I just have to share. If I didn’t know about Monster Factory, there might be someone else out there who hasn’t found this gem of a series on Polygon’s YouTube channel.

As with all things that are associated with the McElroy boys, the goddamn fan art for this Youtube Series is intense!

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Check out this awesome 20 page fanzine on Etsy! It’s so beautiful!

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There are so many classic characters and bits that come out of these videos, it’s no wonder that so many talented artists want to solidify that in internet amber with some sweet sweet fan art.

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I thankfully haven’t blown through all of the episodes yet, but every episode I have watched burns a little horrifying creature into my subconscious. The series has something like 63 episodes and it’s still going strong.

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Are you a fan of Monster Factory? Am I the only one who hasn’t found it until now? What YouTube channels are you loving that you just need to share? Let us know in the comments below!










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