The Best Cooperative PS4 Games for Halloween 2020

It’s October and you’ve made it a priority to get into more horror games for the season, and with Halloween drawing near, there are so many games out there that could utterly terrify its players. In such virtual fright and peril, why go it alone? Here is a list of the top horror games that are co-op or multiplayer to play for Halloween 2020.

Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope comes out the Friday before Halloween! How awesome is that? The Perfect game to play with friends as you can each play a character to an interactive horror game that plays like a movie. If you’re not familiar with the style of game, the developers have made two similar titles, Until Dawn and Man of Medan. These games rely heavily on your break-point decisions you must make on the fly and sound dialogue options as you make the story happen the way you want for better or worse. This game is perfect for casual and hardcore gamers alike and can bring a room together egging each other on to make the ‘right’ choices.

Resident Evil: Resistance

Its all too easy to mention a Resident Evil game every year, but the remakes haven’t left us a chance to enjoy the stories side by side. However, Resident Evil 3 also carries a multi-player game as additional content. Play online with friends for a sadistic game of “cat and mouse” as the game mode resembles other games like Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight which are also multiplayer.


While on the topic, both Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight are still favorites of the “chasing or being chased” style of horror games. Although not putting out much in story, the unpredictability of your friend being the sinister assailant out to get you can be surprisingly horrifying or bond together as you try to survive and escape from another player controlled murderous monster.


This game came out later this summer with not much traction but an important note here is that, in the rarity that is all couch co-op games, we finally have another game to add to such a short list on the horror side. A space station is overrun by pure evil and you are sent to investigate the terror set as an action-RPG style experience. Serving as a couch-co-op able game, Hellpoint certainly deserves checking into before writing anything off.

The Forest

The Forest is still one of the best selling digital games on the Playstation Store. From its odd monsters made of collected body parts to the survivalist nightmare of crash landing on a remote island, fight together to survive each night.

The Blackout Club

Terror in suburbia takes place as all the adults are controlled at night by sinister forces. Its up to the kids to unveil what dark entity is at work and to gather the evidence. The Blackout Club sounds like it would give a cutesy “Stranger Things-Esque” vibe, but make no mistake, this game is Rated “M” for mature for a reason.

World War Z

Yes a game from the book and movie came out and no it doesn’t actually suck. The wave game of destroying rivers of zombies can be shared with friends as you battle to escape heavily populated cities in different levels. This game was done well and with a strong consideration of getting the hive minded mass of cannibals to look just like they did in the movies. It is a horrifying sight to see, especially when its geared to come straight for you.

Killing Floor 2

Is a little bit of a hokier wave game but too much fun and so easy to jump into and have fun without the story and semantics. The developer does a wonderful job of keeping up with the seasons as you’ll see the Halloween aesthetic around this time of year.

Hunt: Showdown

Released earlier this year, and yes, the one with the spiders. Fight against hunters and monsters alike trying to collect bounties on the most frightening of monsters. Keep in mind there is a combination of PVP and PVE as the main approach of the game so the monsters aren’t your only enemy.

Remnant: From the Ashes

This game kind of just instills the classic fight side by side with your best friends in a video game like you’d get from the older console generations. Hordes of enemies and epic boss battles. The standard in buddy co-op action goodness.


Sharing elements of survival games like crafting and fending off other players and zombies alike to keep alive, DayZ has a battle royale vibe that could keep the stakes high when you and your friends could lose it all and start from scratch every time you get axed.

Fallout 76

Yes this game keeps coming back and in a good way. However you may feel about the latest game in the Fallout universe, there are always seasonal events and new things to customize your settlement with. Decorate your home right with classic Halloween decorations and go on spooky adventures with your friends in spirit of the holiday. I find myself occasionally coming back to this game and the seasonal gimmicks always “trick and treat me” into sticking around.

Zombie Army 4

Crank up your favorite death metal album and gun your way through hordes of Nazi zombies as you team up with friends to defeat Zombie Hitler, pure evil zombies, and Satan? All I know is that you’re getting exactly what you paid for and the Zombie Army Series always delivers. With no Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War zombie mode to tout, a full on story mode from Zombie Army 4 certainly helps fill that gap in the meantime.

Over the growth of co-op games we got in the horror genre, it does provide some hope that the next generation will keep the flame going as games get even more terrifying with extended capabilities on new hardware. Experiencing that excitement with friends makes it that much more fun and a little less horrifying when cowering around your braver buds. Keep in mind this list has left out some awesome suggestions from years ago that still hold up today as well, but I already covered and intentionally left out. When first making this list, I thought it would be slim on titles but I surprised myself on how many co-op games out there you can enjoy. So tell us what you’ve enjoyed from the list or your own personal recommendations. Let us know in the comments and have a Happy Halloween!


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