Top Horror Shows to Watch This Fall

This Fall came with some better additions to our Horror TV list as fans will get to see three of the biggest shows this season. This came as a surprise as we have expected a light showing for new content this upcoming season, however, pandemic complications with filming haven’t affected three of these established shows. Here is what you need to see:

Fear the Walking Dead- October 11th

FTWD takes over Fall as the steadfast spinoff covers for The Walking Dead while their 11th season remains in hiatus due to the pandemic. Regardless, we’ll see Walkers again this Fall.

The Haunting of Bly Manor (Hill House Season 2)- October 9th

Luckily, filming wrapped up in February of this year as fans have been waiting since it was green-lit and renewed from 2019. Despite being a separate story from season one, there will be returning actors as different characters and the show will be an adaptation of The Turn of the Screw novella by Henry James. We hope to see more hidden ghosts in the Bly Manor during each episode like season one!

Supernatural-October 8th

The continuation of the final season would have happened already as the finale was scheduled for late Spring. Although, the production was affected by the Covid Pandemic like many other shows. This stretched out the process of closing the final chapter, and with well over 300 episodes of such an admired show, this gave fans even more crushing anticipation as they await its grand conclusion. Still, we are grateful to hear the series end is not in hiatus and we get more Supernatural this Fall Season!

If you didn’t catch our article on some of the brand new horror shows to see this season, check it out since we brought up some really interesting shows still premiering this Fall. I’ll admit, I may have jumped the gun on calling the Fall Season a little bit lacking on the Horror side, but I was happy to be wrong! Whatever you’re into, stay safe and catch up on some of the best horror shows out there!



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