TV’s Horror Lineup Will Be Pretty Light This Fall Season

It’s no surprise, this Fall Season for new shows will be hit pretty hard due to the pandemic. While early Summer would have been the peak of filming and production, most shows are calling it till next year. American Horror Story, Conjuring 3, and Walking Dead will all be missing this Fall and understandably so, but it still comes at a shock when more viewers are expected this time of year more than ever. There is a light list of horror shows and seasonal programming still powering through, but evidently, this is becoming a year to catch up on things you’ve might have missed from seasons before.

Despite the small showing, Quibi has some interesting shows backed by some impressive influencers like Sam Raimi and even Steven Spielberg. 50 States of Fright takes stories originated from states all over the country while the brand new horror show, “The Expecting” is set to premiere this season about a mysterious and controversial pregnancy. “Spielberg’s After Dark” may be the most interesting and surprising as the prestigious director takes on writing horror episodes that only can be seen after midnight. Yes, you’re phone will know and only let you see them after the clock strikes twelve. A pretty cool idea that brings a sense of exclusivity and interactivity into the mix. We have a feeling there might be more at play into the night aspect of the show than just the time constraint. As interesting as it sounds, there’s no real certainty of release for this season and will likely be pushed to next year as well.

Here at Custodi Exitus, Halloween Wars on The Food Network has been a favorite as it welcomes the Halloween Season and inspires us to brush up on our cooking talents. Thankfully this year, the competition is back starting as early as September 13th, as it promotes its “Road to Halloween Wars 2020” show serving as the lead-up to the competition.

LoveCraft Country is already out on HBO and with an awesome story and an impressive executive producer lineup including, Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams. Horror fans will be thankful to eat this up early in the season. The show depicts the awful racism from the 1950s the main characters face while the show also deals out “Lovecraftian” style monsters.

Netflix certainly holds true to an “if all else fails method” by keeping us talking with shocking documentaries and surprise hit series that we never would have dreamed of. It’s important to note the streaming powerhouse is known for dropping new stuff suddenly and there’s still hope this Fall to satisfy that horror itch. It’s also important to note the worldly creative shows based in different languages have all on their own a terrific horror universe including successful series like, “Dark”, “Curon”,”Black Summer”, “Dracula”, “Bloodride”, and the more recent “Ju-on Origins” based off The Grudge Series. So keep an open mind of what you may have passed up from before with these hit series.

If nothing on this list peaks any interest, remember of all the awesome stuff you may have missed from years before to look up while filling the void. Here’s a good time to catch up things that will still be new to you as well a possible discovery of new all-time favorites. Lesser-known streaming services still have their own proprietary horror shows you may want to give a chance as well. So don’t give up on horror night so easy and know the ghost light will always stay on. Also, let us know if anything new this season is worth checking out that we missed! Have a safe and responsible Halloween season this year.



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