Top Games for Halloween 2020

Halloween is Saturday Night! Maybe you’re staying in but still honoring the holiday with some good ol’ fashion gaming. If you’re gearing up for pure horror or just a frightfully good time, here is an up to date list of what you need to play:


SadSquare Studio deserves a lot of praise for what it has accomplished. As a successor to the high regarded P.T. demo, gamers were rooting for this game to get a full-on experience like the mind-bending horror-house simulation from Hideo Kojima. Before, many aspiring studios went into production to replicate such a memorable interactive experience to only fall short, or cease development altogether leaving gamers confused on when they would ever get to play a game like this again. Visage stayed on course and after being in early access on Steam for two years, the game has received very positive reviews and earns its completed release this Friday, Oct. 30th.

Amnesia: Rebirth

The Horror series has been around for some time and benchmarked a lot of elements to horror games today. Amnesia releases a new chapter with a refreshing new setting and story that shows a promising expansion to the story. Gameplay will be familiar to earlier titles and your sanity meter is still a big part of getting through every horrific encounter. Released Oct. 20th

Ray’s the Dead

Command your own horde of zombies! This indie game has an awesome premise with a very cool art style and an 80s Synthwave soundtrack. The 2.5D action/puzzle game lets you grow an army of zombies to take on enemies and has a lighthearted charm to it. Released Oct. 23rd.

Pumpkin Jack

A nice platformer game with a superb Halloween aesthetic, Pumpkin Jack, is an ambitious project from a two-person development team. Jak and Daxter fans and Halloween fans alike will love this game. The action packed Halloween platformer is Available for PC and released October 23rd.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain

Slowly becoming a AA game horror franchise favorite, the Remothered series breaks into another dark chapter that will leave you in terror. The running and hiding will keep you on the edge of your seat all night. Released Oct. 13th.

Call of Duty: Warzone (Night in Verdansk)

A surprisingly abundant change to Call of Duty for the rest of the month will show fans that Halloween has come to Verdansk and to all maps and game modes, that even includes the free Battle Royale mode as well. Competitors turn into zombies, tricks and treats are found in Plunder loot boxes, and even wear Jigsaw and Texas chainsaw Massacre costumes into battle. I wasn’t expecting this from Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and since we aren’t getting a new Zombie Mode from Treyarch studios (Cold War) for Halloween, this mode rivals the experience. The Zombie Royale is definitely worth trying.

So that’s our Halloween list fit with all brand new games and game modes. We hope you enjoy your holiday and your gaming fright night! Let us know if you have any recommendations or what you’ll be playing Halloween night! Happy Halloween!




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