Actually Getting A PS5 Upon Release? Play These Games First!

What’s not to be excited about? Finally a new console generation is here with mind-blowing new worlds to explore, realism, raytracing, and all released by tomorrow! Sure, there’s updated and smoothed out versions to some great new games that also just released on the PS4, but first impressions are everything. Here are three games to try out to christen your brand new PS5 just right:

Demon Souls– Completely Remastered and engineered for the PS5, the classic and painfully difficult game might just be the flagship game to set the tone for the new console.

GodFall-This fast-paced melee combative experience gives off an Anthem vibe but shows off some impressive gameplay and stunning visuals throughout. This maybe one of the few games early on that shows off a brand new IP just made for the new generation.

NBA 2K21– Even if you’re not truly a basketball fan, the PS5 version of 2K21 has shown some stunning hyperrealism of the court and players that anyone could appreciate on the brand new system.

Spider-man: Miles Morales-Swinging through the city has never looked more real. Even as characters show a refined stylized look, walking through parts of town and passing people will look like a crystal clear Pixar movie.

Some folks, that are sticklers for graphics, might find the upcoming generation a little underwhelming at first when picking apart what is actually being released on the same week as the heavy-weight console. Even looking through to Christmas, where a boom of players would be added to the ranks due to the gift-giving holiday, there isn’t much to showcase what the PS5 can really do just yet. Some scheduled games were delayed and impactful titles like Horizon Forbidden West and the next Resident Evil game won’t be seen until well into 2021. That being said, sit tight and remember what’s yet to come. Despite the lack of Sony Exclusives and true-blue next gen games made solely for the updated hardware, there are plenty of games to enjoy from the get-go plus backwards compatibility gaming to boot. Let us know what you’re looking forward to getting into first on the PS5!



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