Three Crucial Items New PS5 Owners Will Definitely Want this Holiday

Whether your giving or getting one of the most sought after gifts this year for Christmas 2020, there will be a key convenience missing when breaking in the new console. One may notice this right away or give it about a few hours once the battery low notification displays in the corner of the TV screen. Of course the console comes with a controller and charger cord with the system, but it is tragically too short for most people’s set up and location when glued to their new PS5. Unfortunately, their going to look a little bit more attached to the console and on a leash when charging to the PS5 system’s front panel. This problem gets old fast! It’s been a hassle with each generation and why you see so many third party accessories for controllers. PS5 is no stranger to this issue and here are some solutions to avoid any annoying charging woes:

Like previous PlayStation systems, the controller has an internal and rechargeable source and does not use single use batteries. Controllers die all the time, so PS5 owners would appreciate an extended length USB-C cable that will allow for charging and playing simultaneously. USB-C cords aren’t entirely mainstream yet, and the newer cables can be pricy, but worth the cost in the long run. We suggest a 10ft cord for living room use or wherever the console would be used in a larger and spacious area.

Might we suggest the color be in sexy gold?

Sony’s Charging Station Dock can charge two controllers simultaneously and can be plugged into any outlet where it is convenient for the gamer. This Christmas season, the official Sony accessory sold out almost as fast as the console itself but there are several third party options that are already available for the PS5 as well. Its hard to say how reliable some “brands” that have their own version of the controller dock are, but GameStop does put their neck out for one particular model besides the Sony version. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, it may be no longer an option to use any brand besides Sony’s version. Some third party chargers have reportedly stopped working after the PS5’s last system software update. At any time, Sony could pull the plug on unlicensed chargers and this may have happened at the moment. You might want to wait on this option once back in stock or third party items have been confirmed as usable.

Finally, the more expensive but highly suggested option would be to buy a second controller. Of course they don’t come cheap, but they really help out in the long run for a few important reasons. Essentially, it allows a second person to play games with the user locally and having another charged controller handy to switch out certainly solves the charging issue as well. It’s important to note, that in the unfortunate event that your primary controller doesn’t work and is no longer functional (which happened to me), you’ve prepared for the worst and can actually still play PS5 without that tragic road block. Its hard to say how unlikely that a broken controller would happen to anyone, but it hasn’t necessarily been a perfect launch for the tech giant’s brand new system either. Minor issues with hardware haven’t been unheard of for the first batch of manufactured consoles. Most issues can be solved through online or Playstation’s customer service, but you may have to ship it in if you have a problem like a dysfunctional game controller. Rare, but it does happen!

With being fortunate enough to owning a PS5, these are the more simpler items I didn’t take into careful consideration when thinking of what I’d need with the console. These aren’t the flashiest items when comparing to all the brand new games and fun gadgets you can get for the PS5, but they will be the most used in terms of convenience and efficiency. Hopefully these suggestions were worth your time or used as some last minute gift ideas for new PS5 owners who may not realize how critical these items can be. Help them out!




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