Bethesda comes out with a real ALIEN BLASTER!

Fallout 4

Want to take your Fallout Halloween costume to the next level? Add some authenticity with this TriForce officially licensed Alien Blaster Full Scale Replica! Oh yea! The hand-painted weapon will only set you back $100 and the item is now available for pre-order on the Bethesda website.


This alien finger blaster will surely be worth the cash. If you are looking for a cool decoration piece for your Fallout shrine or you want to be a cool guy and carry a concealed weapon that’ll confuse the cops (Don’t do that). Pick up this beauty while you still can!


Do you collect any cool video game merch? I know CE does. I have my Apple Watch decked out to be a real life Pip-Boy. Thanks Matt for hooking me up with this for Xmas! I’ve had this watch for a while now and I still feel like I’m from the goddamn future when I take a phone call on it.


We have the obligatory Vault-Tec lunch box too. Although it doesn’t explode confetti when you open it.


My best Fallout find has to be the random thrift store gem I snagged. I was the luckiest girl alive and found a Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition PS4 bundle at a local thrift store for dirt cheap. It was in pristine condition and is still one of the coolest things we own.



Besides being a cool display piece you can put an old iPhone into the Pip-Boy and download the companion Fallout Pip-Boy app. The app allows you to view stats, your inventory, ugh its pretty awesome. What a time to be alive. Here is an awesome Outside XBox that goes over the app in depth.

Can I just say, I love Outside XBox. I watch that channel constantly and I am really liking that they added a weekend show Outside Extra as well. So If you haven’t given those Youtube channels a try, you should.



What’s the coolest game related item you have? What are your favorite YouTube gaming channels. Hit us up over at




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