And So it Begins…Mass Effect: Andromeda Slashed to $40!

mass effect price drop

We were right!  Predicting a price slash before May 5th never felt so good!  GameStop and multiple vendors are now selling ME: Andromeda around 2/3rds of original asking price. Booyah!

When your predictions about Mass Effect Andromeda start coming true.  


Gamestop Brand New: $40 Here

It’s a spotlight sale that could mean it goes up in price again and they’re looking for a surge in sales for a week or so. (PS Store has this offer until May 8th).


So if you were originally excited for this game and a fan of the Mass Effect series then this might be the right time to buy for you.  We know many of the eye sore glitches were worked out in a previous patch but Bioware has their work cut out for them to get everything up to par.

That look you give when your bae says he got the new Mass Effect.

We’ll say that if you’re still unhappy with the game at least you didn’t get it at full price. Look, bottom line CE has been a longtime fan of the Mass Effect series and we want to try Andromeda! It has received a bad reputation but sometimes you just have to try something for yourself.

What do you think? Are you taking the plunge?  Did you hold out until now as well?  Tell us @custodiexitus on Twitter.




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