Keep that Bun in the Oven- Wait on Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda


Lets say you heard all the M.E. Andromeda flack upon release but you’ve always been a fan of the franchise.  You’re torn on taking the 60 dollar plunge and all the reviewers and youtubers kill it for you.  It’s true, a lot of people felt burned this time around from the poor facial animations to the numerous glitches.  The Sci-Fi “B” movie feel just adds insult to injury where Bioware just took a shit on every aspect of an action RPG that should be focused on.


Now with the first patch that was fueled by the brutal criticisms received and obvious bugs too inexcusable to ignore available, the general manager wrote a statement to fans of what to see in the patch and what to expect in the future: Bioware’s General Manager statement.  What’s troublesome but also realistic is that this patch only scratches the surface of all of Mass Effect’s problems.  According to Bioware, fixing Mass Effect isn’t going to happen overnight, and generally put, a two month window to get the game to their new standards is going to be needed.



As the consumer, news like this should let us know that we can probably wait on this buy.  Lets get smart and stop spending money on pre-orders, wait for non-biased reviews, and take a hard look at pricing history for situations like these.  Personally, I’m looking forward to play the game once ME: Andromeda gets it shit together and I don’t think it’s a lost cause.  Positive remarks were made for the combat elements of the game, if only that could be said for the rest of it.  It will get there, but not for the asking price of your $60.  If we can hold out for the patches to come, we may see a temporary price drop in the game at $39.99 to make up for it.  In previous game flop history, we’ve seen No Man’s Sky slash prices around two months after release.  Bioware’s own Dragon Age: Inquisition received great praise and we still saw competitive pricing over the holiday season within the first month of its release.

Could we see EA games cut out 20 bucks to ramp up its player base and make up for lost sales?  If it does happen, it will need to be before May 5th as Mass Effect will be long forgotten for games like Bethesda’s, Prey.  Sadly but conservatively, we play the waiting game.  And if they don’t knock down the price tag by that point?  Save your money.


Do you think ME: Andromeda is a lost cause and spoiled forever?  What do you love/hate about the game?  If you haven’t already, are you eventually going to try it?  Tell us what you think @custodiexitus on Twitter.





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