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Skyrim Playlist by

Honor Talos by playing this medley of Swedish Death Metal, Stoner Metal, Sludge, Black Metal, and Folk Metal while crushing quest after quest in your favorite RPG, Skyrim.  This +100 song playlist will give you an immersive soundtrack to exploring the Nordic lands of Skyrim from bands like Electric Wizard, Amon Amarth, The Sword, and several more.  This playlist would also work great with other games like the Witcher 3, Dragon Age, or any others with mythical sword wielding bad-assery.  We are always updating our playlists and have included many tracks from Mastodon’s new album as well.  If searching within the PS4 app, search “custodiexitus” or follow the playlist here: Skyrim Playlist by


If you like this playlist, then you may also enjoy our For Honor Radio station as well.  Check out that link at the end.  Have a band suggestion or want to comment about these playlists?  Be sure to on Twitter and follow us @custodiexitus. We’d love to hear your feedback there.


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