Alien Covenant VR Experience, AKA Birthday Boy Simulator


Have you ever found yourself watching an Alien movie and thinking to yourself. Yeah, I know they are methodical killers but what’s behind all of that acidic slime and metallic teeth? How do they feel? After all, chest bursters are like teeny babies right?


There are two sides to every story and the new Alien VR experience Covenant in Utero, helps you get in touch with your innards, I mean inner feelings. It allows you to switch sides from caring about humans and our lord and savior Ripely to the dark side… team xenomorph!

Neomorph Bitchday

In Alien Utero you get to be in the delivery room with a front row seat to a neomorph’s birth. As luck would have it, you are the birthday boy about to claw your way into the brave new world! Can a lady get a C-section?


How cool is this concept! Kudos to whoever thought of this. How cool is it that you get to play the game from the perspective of a wee Neomorph clawing yourself out of your host’s body? Oh, just saying that makes my back hurt. Break out the balloons and streamers because it’s a beautiful boy! Oh wait, stop that, no no! Bad boy! We don’t claw at your birthday guests. Oh forget it.


Right now the 3 minute VR video experience is available on the Oculus Video app, but come Wednesday, May 10th 2017, you too can be reborn. This horrifying teaser experience will be released for the Vive, Google Daydream and PSVR. Lucky you.


I wonder why they didn’t include the whole conception part of the experience. Face-huggers are dicks amiright?

alien 12

If you are too impatient or too poor like me to actually have a VR set of your own. A quick YouTube search gifted us the full video. Check it out if you’re brave enough.

So what do you think the new Alien Covenant movie is going to be like? If a neomorph had a baby gift registry what do you think would be on it? Hit us up over at




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