Black Mirror Fans Should Appreciate Netflix’s Choose or Die

Despite the harsh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the ending, and being cast into the horror genre, I went in with zero expectations and really enjoyed an assumed Black Mirror spinoff. Choose or Die is certainly formulated similarly with a bleak existence of corporate overlords in a depressing setting that somehow pivots technology against the lead characters involved. Whether that mindset short changes the creative direction and identity of Toby Meakin’s directorial debut, it certainly helped me enjoy it! The retro PC game cursed to those who dare play its twisted choose your own adventure was an awesome thrill ride with bonus points to Robert Englund voicing the taped phone hotline to the game.

By not categorizing this too firmly into the horror genre or taking it too seriously, Choose or Die, was very fun to watch and had me wishing to see more creative outcomes or more “levels” completed through the course of the movie. I was very excited to hear Liam Howlett from The Prodigy scoring the movie and was an awesome surprise. It was darker than what I was used to hearing from the band’s extensive history of Electronica, and even with just hearing mere morsels of scene changes or mood shifts, I was hoping to hear a full soundtrack’s worth. There was enough to keep me biased to liking the film, and whether I caught this one on a good start to the weekend, I could only come out with a positive take to what probably wasn’t geared to my age demographic and thinking the title of the movie was something Squid Game related. What did you think of the movie? What’s your favorite video game adjacent movie?


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