Best Games of 2019- We Rank Our Top 3 Favorite Titles

Lets get right to it shall we?

resident-evil-2-screen-11-ps4-us-12dec18#3. Resident Evil 2–  Absolutely fucking terrifying and it was very surprising at keeping that up we thought.  From a franchise that’s been around for decades, you’d think we’d be over the Zombie Horror Franchise by now, but RE2 blends together horror and action so impressively that we can’t help but be reminded of how much fun we had… and the neck problems from jolting back every 10 seconds.

luigis_mansion_3_1920.0#2. Luigi’s Mansion 3– Fun Cooperative Gameplay with such an imaginative and spooky aesthetic.  So much fun and great multiplayer mini games to play as well.  This was the first Luigi’s Mansion game we’ve played and it has been a critical gateway to diving into more games from the Mario Universe.

tow-presstour-shock-cannon-1920x1080#1. The Outer Worlds– The Developers for the game, Obsidian, took the high ground when fans commented on how it was the claimed winner over the Fallout Series by instead prasing what the Fallout franchise has done througout its own series. Still, even how undoubtedly formulaic to Fallout it is, Obsidian improves this type of game in ways the developers to Fallout has neglected.  I can honestly say The Outerworlds deserves so much more justice than simply stating that its “a way better Fallout Game”.  It’s an amazing RPG on its own and we needed it this year more than ever.

So those are the top 3 games for 2019, and when it finally comes to a close, we do not only understand how amazing this year has been, but the appreciation of  many other titles that still blew our minds all year long.  That being said, we look forward to how exciting 2020 will be for video games and the lure of the console wars once again.  We are ready!!





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