PS Plus Games Finally Announced!

After a week or so, the announcement came late due to the holidays and kept us wondering what could we possibly get to start off 2020!  Still, you won’t be able to get your hands on them to download until January 8th.  However, PS Plus Members can start the beginning of the year right with the service giving them, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, which contains all three original PS3 games ported to PS4, and if the gun-toting rock climber isn’t your type, then members can also download Goat Simulator for free as well.

Although, I haven’t tried Goat Simulator, it certainly does make me curious enough to try it for how outrageous it looks.  That being said, the more known title and franchise, Uncharted, would be a great time to replay a favorite and bring back old memories if you enjoyed the series previously.  Or if you’ve never tried Uncharted, now you can play the first three free which is a pretty good deal for a PS plus free game.  A few years back, I went through that same trilogy before playing the newest edition, Uncharted 4, and it made the final chapter that much more better.  We hope you enjoy January’s free titles and Happy New Year!



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