2020: A Popular Year For Gaming

Now that 2019 has come to a close, we can’t help holding in all of the excitement we have over the course of the next 12 months!  We look forward to an inspiring year for the gaming community with highly anticipated upcoming titles appearing and the release of the next generation of consoles.  Please take a look at the wonderful itinerary 2020 brings below and please feel free to share what significant gaming events you look forward to in the comments or share what we missed!

Doom-Eternal_Makyr_Wallpaper_1280x720-01Doom Eternal– March 20th|We receive Doom this Spring and patiently await the continuation of the modern and revamped timeless game series to consoles after being delayed last November.  Fight like Hell!

re3Resident Evil 3– April 3rd |We metaphorically shit our pants again after playing the first ten minutes of Capcom’s Recreation of the third R.E. game, then try to push off the controller to someone else because we keep wanting to scream and close our eyes…probable prediction.

Cyberpunk2077-Arriving_at_destination-en.jpgCyber Punk 2077 – April 26th | Our most anticipated game off this list and we can’t wait to experience the world gaming developers, CD Projekt Red, has created.  Do we have our minds blown or do we get “Cyber Punked”?

the-last-of-us-state-of-play-screen-06-ps4-us-24sep19.jpgLast of Us 2 – May 29th | Fans finally play the long awaited sequel to the gripping and harrowing story of a gritty post-apocalyptic world with beloved characters, Ellie and Joel.  Game of the Year in the bag!

expo.jpgE3 2020– June 9th through June 11th | So we know, with the extra juicy details of next generation gaming we get spilled onto us in this elaborate fashion, we can’t help but to cynically expect one or two conference blunders to happen when gearing everyone up for the upcoming push for the new consoles.  “Deal with it.”

*(Side Note) Next Gen Game Announcements– TBD | Relatively seen around the E3 time frame and smaller conferences, hearing new games we’ve never could dream of emerge from these mainstream showcases will be its own fun.  Teasers and trailers for the up and coming will now be seen in a way we’ve never seen before on new hardware, better graphics, and with a larger number of brand new IPs to look out for.

halo.jpgHalo Infinite– *Mid November (Holiday 2020)|An Xbox launch wouldn’t be right without a new Halo game. Seeing it from the last E3 was a tremendous surprise as well as seeing some ambitious atmospheric changes made to the games surroundings to get an idea of how it would look on the new Xbox.

xxxxxXbox Series X: The Xbox– *Mid November (Holiday 2020) | With its towering PC like build, the distinctive look of the next Xbox will literally tower over it’s competitors consoles.  Will this symbolize the possible outcome and the victor of the console wars?

sony-ps5-dev-kit-renders-patent-1.jpgPlayStation 5-*Mid November (Holiday 2020) |A popular choice for most people each generation.  PlayStation continues to shell out promising and memorable exclusives and we can only expect its best show as a critical statement over the futility of a console-less gaming system like Google Stadia or Apple Arcade.  At least for now.

So what are you looking out for this year in gaming?  We know there’s so many things to talk about coming up this year, and we hope you’re as excited as us!

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