A New Dead Space Era is Upon Us

The mid-year into 2022 is an exciting time for video game enthusiasts, and furthermore, for the dedicated sci-fi survival horror fans that grew fond of the Dead Space franchise. As more details emerge, two very real success stories are originating as we live and breathe. The original Dead Space game will be updated and improved as an official modernization that was announced last year. From the few hints shown since then, the remake looks more pristine and visceral than ever imagined. That being said, the surprising news that the co-creator involved in the Dead Space trilogy has been a part of an upcoming spiritual successor, The Callisto Protocol, gives us a real tell-tale sign that sci-fi horror is trying to make a serious comeback. In Playstation’s recent State of Play presentation, we saw a fresh take to the familiarly insane and horrific gameplay that shook us to our very core all those years before. And now more importantly, an official release date of this December has been revealed and sooner then we expected!

As much as we like to think the two games will reach out to a larger crowd and ignite a science fiction gaming revolution, will both creations undermine each one’s success? Dead Space’s Remake is set one month later then The Callisto Protocol and also after the holiday season. Given the rocky history and the creative direction changing drastically in the final game, the series was systematically put on ice and on a cliff-hanger to boot. Underperforming sales could give EA the chance to shut it all down once again if the Resident Evil treatment doesn’t pan out for the publishing company like it did for Capcom. Or does the competition between Callisto and Dead Space invite a series of additions to both catalogs? We could only hope for the latter as long as they keep creatively finding new ways to replace our bloomers.

So which title are you more excited for? Let us know in the comments! See the reveal of both upcoming games below and thanks for reading!


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