PS5 Controller Not Working? Here Are A Few Solutions:

Some of those fortunate to get the PS5 early may have received it at an extra cost besides the hefty $499 price tag. With the sudden realization of sending several error reports to Sony when the system crashes and the not so quiet fan when the console runs a game, I started to think I was working for the PlayStation’s Quality Assurance team as I was placed on hold with Customer Support seeking guidance on my next problem. This time, its the Dual Sense 5 Controller that came with the console. Specifically, buttons are unresponsive once beginning applications or games on the PS5, but only once in the actual programs since navigating and entering from the UI were completely fine beforehand. If you’re experiencing unique issues and you believe the source of the problem lies within the controller itself, here are a few things you can try:

Reset The Controller

Check the Back of the Dual Sense Controller for a tiny pin hole and carefully place an item like a paperclip to push the internal button down for five seconds with the console completely off. If you left your PS5 on, you’ll notice a notification on your TV that the controller has disconnected but troubleshooting instructions require you to have the system off, and let’s face it, they’re running the show now so we better do this right. This will also erase the pairing from your console so you’ll have to plug the controller back to the PS5 once you turn back on your system.

Make Sure the Controller is Charged

I purposely listed this “solution” second, because if you’re like me and thought it was insulting when reading Sony’s troubleshooting guide, then you mentally put your palm to your forehead in frustration. Still, if you find yourself second guessing, plug your controller into the console with your USB-C cable provided.

Reset Options in System Settings

Now things get more serious. Unfortunately, this resets your preferences with your audio and visual settings which were part of the initial set-up, but you don’t lose any real data like game installs or game saves. Go to Settings (Gear Symbol on home screen) >  System > System Software > Reset Options > Restore Default Settings

You’ll have to select those options again in the settings after your reset, but shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re familiar with your options from before. Support Guide

These answers and more can be found to assist you with your issues with any PlayStation Hardware or software. Go to

Call Customer Support- 800 345-SONY (7669)

Unfortunately, if you read down this far, you’re in a situation where you need to call Customer Support like I did. Even if the problem is just with your controller, they will still ask for the serial number and model number from your PS5. Writing it down before hand will keep you from having them wait on you while you desperately unscrew the stand and flip your PS5 in an awkward attempt to get the numbers they need quickly. If the “all knowing” can’t help you, then you’ll get boxing material sent to you with a pre-made label to send your controller to get serviced. Support will ask you on the phone which shipping company you received your PS5 console when you ordered and paid for your system. It may vary how you send your hardware back, in my case, I got shipping material sent to me on my behalf from Fedex. Oh, and call either first thing during their opening hours or at the end to save time.

Shipping Your Hardware for Repair

This was exactly what I didn’t want to do. Sending a brand new controller for repair seemed aggravating when the box I got was for the entire console. Huge thick cardboard material for the box and foam inserts for the actual console put me through a wave of confusion. Was there a miscommunication when explaining my issue? At the time, they didn’t even have controller shipping boxes to provide to people. I called again where a different associate suggested using a smaller box but reusing the label that came with the “complimentary” console shipping box. Without any further delay, I carefully slid my improvised parcel off in a Fedex drop box. Luckily, you do get verification and tracking emails for the progress of your hardware sent in. A few weeks later, my controller returned just fine and actually working!

So besides those options and some moral support, hopefully you were able to afford a second controller in the meantime. Keep note that pairing issues is a whole other bag that could lead you to restoring default settings while the PS5 is in safe mode. Please see Playstation’s Support guide for those details. Good luck to you and hopefully this written experience helps with your situation. Feel free to write about your experience in the comments below.




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