We Can’t Stop Listening to Mutoid Man

With the Vocalist from Cave In and the drummer from Converge, we get the opportunity to hear one of the most well blended sounds of all time for a Metal band.  It's hard to say how many genres of rock Mutoid Man incorporates into their songs, but it's done impressively to say the least.  Colliding... Continue Reading →


Rainbow Six Free Till the 20th!

Here's your chance to try out the latest installment of the series, Rainbow Six Siege, entirely free till next Tuesday. Originally released in 2015, this game had a controversial start about not living up to what was advertised in pre-release game footage and in-game reveal trailers. Since then, it made somewhat of a comeback a... Continue Reading →

Stop Getting Burned on Bad Games

It has been said again and again from the online community to point out the sinister and lucrative plans to pull more money from fans pockets in the infamous design of loot crates, micro-transactions, and pay to win schemes.  There's no coincidence that despite the backlash and continuous spotlight about this issue, games keep this... Continue Reading →

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