Death Stranding Discussion with Kojima at Playstation Experience to Hopefully Offer More Detail Than Just a Naked Norman Reedus


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This Saturday kicks off a Two-day Playstation exclusive event in Anaheim, California to present to visitors some of the industry’s hottest upcoming games as well as a plethora of showcased titles available to play throughout the show floor.  However, what has gained the most buzz, is a panel discussion scheduled to provide highly desired news about Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s latest project.  Until this weekend, fan’s have had visually little to go off Kojima Production’s progress besides”Daryl” bare-assed and crying with an infant in a three-minute reveal trailer that officially announced the game earlier this year.  This followed great praise and anticipation for its release as fans and media companies grovel for more information about Death Stranding, the cheeky trailer, and its possible completion date.

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To make matters more exposed, the schedule includes “special guests” during the discussion which could mean anyone, but our first choice is for the crying baby.  However, if Norman Reedus isn’t available, then the infant seen from the trailer would be interesting to hear from during the discussion as well.  It has been rumored that Reedus will re-enact the highly regarded “reveal” trailer live and nude to kick off the discussion this Saturday, 1 pm pacific, December 3rd 2016.  During the “cry baby” demonstration, Kojima will discuss the in-game engine comparison developed to capture every curvature and hair follicle of  Norman’s Character.  Of course, these are all speculated events that cannot be confirmed at this time, but this could surely leave fans worrisome over Hideo Kojima’s direction of the game.  Still, fans are demanding more information to fit together the pieces of whether this captures what Silent Hills could have been or what the hell this game is even about.

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Not much is known on how much will be brought to light, but fans and the media will be standing idly by to report every detail on what is uncovered.  Regardless of what we see or hear, Death Stranding could certainly be in high regard for the Game of the Year award upon its release. Saturday cannot come soon enough and we’re definitely looking forward to this PSX discussion.


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