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After some time dabbling around in the stoner-sludge metal genre I’ve stumbled across some great bands that harness the modern Black Metal appeal to their work.  I can’t say I’m an avid follower of the genre, but I can appreciate the similar qualities I’ve noticed from other metal bands while discovering a darker presentation.  One band that fits the bill and resides presently in my playlist is Inquisition.  This band comes equipped with a solid sound that beats fast, heavy, and dark.

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With a roster of just two members, The vocalist/guitarist, Dagon expresses his influences for the band include his harsh surroundings in Columbia, South America where death and brutality caused by local cartels was prominent.  That being said, the reasoning for their style is metal enough as they provide a serious impact to the Black Metal community.  Inquisition and Dagon’s prior projects have been in existence since the late 80s as they are no strangers to the business.  The band is no doubt a veteran Black Metal band in which their music can be described as fast-paced metal with melodic qualities, resonating traditional black metal vocals that I personally think could be the growling voice of a Black Metal Emperor Palpatine, and complimented with excellent speed drumming that all around makes this one hell of a Black Metal band.



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Since this is a style established for decades now, the Pandora music app and it’s music station shuffle can leave you to similar bands but with a lo-fi sound that can come off  as simply incoherent to the unpracticed listener.  That being said, Inquisition stands out from the rest with a more relevant sound to today’s standards as they just released their latest work earlier this year.  Here are some suggested tracks with some elaborate album titles that coincide with their tracks.  These give a solid example of their style and what I appreciate most about the band’s work.

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***(From the latest album release-2016)


Whether or not you’re into the darker meaning of this brand of music, you don’t have to be to appreciate an awesome sound.  I look forward to their following work and it’s always great finding new talented bands to keep things Metal.  Check them out on Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, and most importantly, see them on tour!


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