If Babadook Had a Favorite Rock Band, It Would Be Terra Tenebrosa


Image source: The Babadook
Since Fall is already underway and the month of October is rapidly approaching, it couldn’t be a better time to express your guilty pleasure of cheap horror flicks, haunted attractions, and eating more candy than you should.  Call it a little morsel of exploring your inner dark side if you hold in those type of urges till this time of year.  Whatever you’re into, why not add to the celebrations this season with some black metal?

If you haven’t already discovered the band Terra Tenebrosa, their music will certainly add to any Halloween experience you have this year.  The ambiance alone proves to be a wicked and dark setting that puts you right into the immersive horror the band summons in every riff, hook, and melody.  Some songs creepily drag along as the notes grow more deranged and entangled like you’re hearing the psyche unravel in a disturbed and tormented murderer.   The vocals and lyrics sound off like they derive from dark entities you’d see in James Wan films.  If you’re not getting the idea then here is a quick list of recommended tracks you should give a chance so you know what you’re getting into:

Image Source: Terra Tenebrosa -The Reverses
  • “The End is Mine to Ride”-The Reverses
  • “Black Pearl in a Crystalline Shell” -The Purging
  • “The Purging”-The Purging
  • “The Mourning Stars”-The Tunnels

This band keeps a low profile as it wasn’t easy researching much more than being a Swedish black metal band conceived in 2009. Their illusive persona certainly sparks curiosity, but for being low key, they surprisingly do appear to have music videos.  Although, they come off more like found footage a psychopath would create with their music playing in the background, its still interesting to watch.  T.T. gives a refined and updated take on black metal and it may be more fair to say they stride along experimental and their own musical genre instead.  Needless to say, Terra Tenebrosa’s music could be described as being stalked relentlessly by the Babadook as he lurks in every dark corner to the soundtrack that is your nightmare…and I fucking love it.


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