Playstation Vue making you pay more than you should?  We think so, and here’s why:

If you’re an active member of Playstation Vue then you may have already noticed the absence of Comedy Central and all Viacom owned channels this past Veteran’s Day. While having the station selected on your PS Vue application, there will be a website address on your missing channel that leads you to a Q&A explaining why it’s gone.

From what we gathered from the site, the main goal is to keep competitive pricing and keep those plans at same value, which could mean they lost a battle to maintain Viacom channels yet have still not lowered the monthly pricing.  This potentially leaves many customers unhappy, and regardless of stating that Playstation plans to add more channels, you’re still paying more for less.  What could possibly fill that void without Comedy Central?  

When we questioned a Playstation Network agent, they had no news of lowering the price or adding more competitive plans in the future.  What was more disappointing to hear is the location discrimination Playstation uses for their service.  The Slim Access plan sells for $29.99/month that gives a solid list of channels and is their cheapest plan listed, however, if you reside in a zip code that provides local channels to their packages, you end up paying ten dollars more and will not see the slim access plan available to you.

So if you’re pissed off that you lost favorited channels and want to pay into something more affordable, they simply will not let you.  It may be in your preference to opt out of needing local channels altogether, but you’re forced to keep them.  Playstation Vue has provided an exceptional outlet for affordable tv, but their volatile channel listings and location locked plans could eventually leave users looking towards the next best thing.


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