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There’s nothing more rewarding than taking a chainsaw to a Hell Knight and cutting right down the middle as you battle through a FPS nightmare in the game, DOOM.  This re-creation from id software released earlier this year and is highly entertaining to play.  Having met my expectations of chaotic gameplay to visually stunning  graphics, I was unaware of how solid of a soundtrack the game had.  It didn’t take long to find that out as the game’s start screen music helped set the tone of what was to come.  If it wasn’t unnerving enough fighting through hell single-handedly, the songs drive up the adrenaline as it crushes and punches its way through a level.

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Mick Gordon is responsible for the original score of the game and creates a form-fitting blend of electronic industrial metal that unrelentingly cues as you come across more demon baddies in your trek through industrialized Mars. The tracks are calibrated to a sound that makes Nine Inch Nails or Combichrist sound like a Kidz Bop album.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore those bands, but the point is, this soundtrack builds a sound reminiscent to some of the best artists out there.  Give this soundtrack vocals and that would give them a run for their money.  Needless to say, Mick’s handiwork into the game’s soundtrack gives a more intensified and cinematic approach to gameplay as if you were starring in a nonstop demon-slaying action flick.

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Let’s be honest, game music may not be the number one priority to developers or to players, but its presence has become important more so than ever.  From campaigning to television advertisements, companies rely more on catchy covers from mainstream artists as an unofficial theme to their material.  It can hook potential buyers in with a familiarity to a song or give the essence that the product is much more than a game.  However, when your sound designer is better than the promotional music used, it can seem unneccessary for mainstream music titles to be played. Let’s not forget here that some of the original music used in our favorite video games growing up are engrained in our minds that help make those games so memorable.  Mick Gordon certainly delivers an unforgettable soundtrack that is molded into the game-play and not just a parallel music track running it’s course through a level.

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Be sure to checkout for a full history of his projects as you could be surprised to see that he has scored for games that you may have played before.  I’m certainly a fan and looking forward to hearing more from the composer in the highly anticipated game Prey coming out sometime next year.  Until then, check out the DOOM soundtrack and more of his work available on Spotify and Itunes now.  Thanks for reading.



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