The Sweet Side of Skyrim: Game’n’Goodies

Skyrim eats.jpg

When I heard that Skyrim was being remastered for the PS4 I was so excited, goddamn finally! How did I ever get so lucky with Skyrim and Battlefield 1 coming out in the same month?  We waited for October 28th to come around and fantasized about how much cleaner the graphics were going to look and how Matt and I could celebrate the launch! Skyrim feast of course!

The first thing that came to mind was that we need to get some sweet rolls to celebrate the game’s release day. That turned into plans to have the day off to play Skyrim as well..and it just went downhill from there. Haha! So I ended up taking a long weekend and enjoyed some pastries that are reminiscent of our favorite Dovahkiin’s treats. Come on people, it’s time to chow down on some boiled cream treats and get white girl wasted on some dragons breath mead!


Look at that sweet roll! The cake color is a lot lighter but otherwise its spot on!


There are a few options here, you got your boiled cream treat, there is the apple pie fritter thing, ahhh and a pumpkin roll. That’s not in the game but I mean, how can you not do a pumpkin roll this fall? The treats got a little botched, but overall, Skyrim day was full of delicious foods, looting, and slaying dragons.  Most importantly, I finally bought a home in the game. Breezehome, you’re still my favorite Skyrim pad. #MadeIt

Check back soon, I plan on doing a tasty skeever tail recipe soon.



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