Adopted Cat Diary. Day Number 125 since taken into captivity.

Dear Diary,

The captors refuse to make room for me on the bed at night. So when I get my chance, I leap into their spot while they are in the bathroom. I hide my face and pretend I don’t know they want to lay back down. Small spiteful things like this keep me going.

kitty cat 3

Dear Diary,

I am not too proud to beg for favorable treatment. When the authorities see my hands up like this, it is a guaranteed catnip treat. I don’t mind selling out to get what I need off of the authorities.

Kittycat 2

Dear Diary,

The authorities denied my requested head pets so I resorted to biting and knocking into their controller. I hope they see that they have pushed me to this. I give them dirty looks constantly to let them know of my displeasure.



A forsaken kitty


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