Outlast 2 – The Worst Couples Retreat You’ll Ever Visit *SPOILER WARNING*



After playing the demo, and pooping our pantaloons, it’s finally here. Outlast 2 was released yesterday, hooray! That just made this week 100% better! The Outlast 2 demo left us wanting more and we are definitely excited to see the full game. So having said that, who is ready to get corn holed… I mean run in a corn field…!

If you stop right here and don’t read anymore of this article here are the takeaways: Great Graphics, Scares your tits off and the Trinity version is a great value!




Custodi Exitus picked up the Outlast Trinity PS4 Edition which costs $40 and it includes Outlast, Outlast: Whistle blower and Outlast 2. It is the perfect game to cozy up under some blankets, turn off all the lights and get engrossed in some tense horror game play.


I don’t want to ruin the story too much but we just wanted to run down what we thought of Outlast 2 so far. We know that the game centers on a journalist couple who are investigating a murder! Gasp! They end up in a village infested by religious fanatics and have to make it out alive. So its pretty much like a mini vacation for the couple right? Not quite…. So what do we think so far?


The game has a really good atmospheric feel to it. The graphics are impressive and I can’t even imagine wanting to play this in VR because it would just be way too much.  It’s games that look like this that get us very excited to see what games are going to look like in the next decade. This game looks very real.


Gotta say, we like this game more than Resident Evil 7. I think it outshines that game and is just straight up scarier. It just feels like a more refined horror game to us. Resident Evil 7 is good, but running around the house trying to solve puzzles at times can be a little tiring. In Outlast 2 there is a daunting feeling of claustrophobia and anxiety that follows you throughout the game because of how dark it is. You have to rely on your camera’s night vision to see some parts of the environment and the camera night vision battery is always precariously close to dying so it builds this feeling of panic.


You are constantly made to weigh the benefits of being able to see right at that moment, or saving your battery for somewhere that is pitch black down the road. I think the most successful horror games & movies always do a really good job of not showing too much. They let the shadows and your imagination fill in horrible things that linger in the dark. This game forces you to stare into the void and imagine what is about to strike you down. You can use the camera too and switch on the microphone to try to figure out where the bad guys are. It’s tense.


There were a few points where I screamed playing this game. Not from cheesy jump scares either. I know I was just sitting on my couch, but when someone is chasing you down and grabbing you to stab you to death. You really feel like you’re going to die. Just like in Marco Polo.


I also love how important sound is in this game, we don’t even have surround sound and it still was amazing. You hear crunching to the left of you and then see a flashlight flicker and you know its time to scurry and hide. The soundtrack composed by Samuel Laflamme is amazing at building tension. I think soundtracks can add so much dimension to a game and when you are playing Outlast 2 you can just feel the music shivering down your spine.


There is this one section where you are in a Catholic school *shiver * and you can see someone standing at the end of a hallway, and the background music nuns are singing and it gets louder and louder. You frantically try to open a door to get out of the hallway and the music is the driving force behind the immediacy you feel. My dad went to a Catholic school and told me that the nuns would actually smack the shit out of your knuckles if you did something wrong. So the nuns and the Catholic school setting is particularly scary to me. Check out the soundtrack below.

We don’t want to go into the story too much because that is one of the best parts of going through the game is finding out what the hell is going on. But we just have to say… If the setting of the game Temple Gate in Outlast 2 was a real place, and if it was listed on Airbnb…. It would have terrible reviews. Worst couples retreat you’ll ever visit! There are bodies skinned everywhere, dead birds falling from the sky, explosions of light that make you flashback to the 90’s, some sort of whispering witch trying to impale you, all of the cabins are really dusty, there is no way this farm is OSHA safe, it’s just not good. Also we would suggest not attending any of the church services because they seem like they are reeeeally into torture and cages and like crucifying people.


Also we thought this place would be children friendly but trust me don’t bring your kids to Temple Gate! Unless you hate them. And then yeah, bring em, you monster.

OUtlast airbnb 3

There are moments where the game turns to being more fucked up than scary, which might be even horrifying or shocking to some people.  You get a sense of why this game was almost banned in Australia by the first hour of gameplay.  Granted, Australia has a reputation of being a stickler to video game violence and other graphical content, one could see their concerns as Outlast 2 will leave a lasting impression with a lot of people.  And probably a lot of mothers.

OUtlast airbnb

Overall this game so far is a solid horror game and well worth $40 for all three games. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this game is one of the best horror games we have seen recently. The only other horror game we can give props to that has come out recently was the Layers of Fear. Even that game had parts where you were like “oh that’s not scary.” I have not come across an area like that in this game. Everything is so well done. Who knew a farm could be so sinister.


Do yourself a favor, pick up this game. You will find yourself thinking about it long after you put the controller down. Good luck getting out of Temple Gate!

What do you think about the game? What has been your favorite part so far? Tell us about it on Twitter.com/custodiexitus


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