Found the Jeep from Zoolander in Ghost Recon Wildlands!

We have been playing a ton of Ghost Recon Wildlands over the last two weeks and while the game missions are entertaining, one of my favoite parts of this game, by far, is just how many rediculous glitches there are. I spotted this male model doing his best blue steel look. Bolivian BBQ!

There aren’t a ton of games that let you do co-op story missions, so Wildlands is shaping up to be one of the best games we have played in the first quarter of 2017. Can we get a Goddamn Bethesda game to be a co-op story? CE tried getting Elder Scrolls Online and playing that together but it’s not a true co-op game in my opinion. I would love to have a Fallout co-op campaign option. Maybe that’s just a day tripper’s dream, but I wish it would happen.

So what games do you wish were two player? Have you found a notable glitch in Wildlands? Hit us up on Twitter to talk about it.



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