Destiny 2 Beta and the Unsettling Future of the Pre-Order Machine

Activision released the Destiny 2 Beta for PS4 today but the only way you’ll see it is if you pre-order the game.  The same policy will apply later to Call of Duty- WW2, meaning Activision is doing a great job of keeping pre-ordering as a real thing.  

Fresh eyes to assist in additional quality assurance for no cost and having patrons buy in early has been an effective business model.  Especially, to combat the degrading value of pre-orders and sales in this industry.  Exclusive weapons, skins, and character models for a meaningless pre-packaged gimmick are worthless transactions.  However, early access Beta marketing schemes like this will always be a valuable hook-in approach to true and everyday fans.  So, what does that method mean for the future?

DLC became the back end supplement to complete a full game, what’s stopping game publishers from creating that style with pre-ordering instead?  Imagine the prologue of an upcoming game, or it’s chapters locked away with pre-order tokens.  The trip to Gamestop only takes care of the cover charge while you pay an additional $40 to complete the story of a game. 

We already see it today but future pre-ordering could be more exploitive than it ever has been if we allow it.  Just like expansions and DLC has been a shortcut to more money or finishing a game, the corporate greed in re-packaging portions of a full title could become a real thing before the game launches.  Sure, it’s just pre-release Betas now, but just watch how “creative” pre-ordering gets in the time to come if this beta access method takes off.

So, what do you think?  Do you see this as a good or bad thing?  Tell us what you think on Twitter @custodiexitus and we’d like to hear your opinions as well.




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