Gamer On a Budget- Our Picks For the Most Significant Markdowns this Weekend Sale

Never pay full price for your gaming habit.  In today’s market, games come down in price within a couple of months. This week we came up with a quick list of the titles that most caught our eye.  In case you’ve had any of these games on your radar and you’re more on the frugal side, outlets like the PS Store and Xbox store have numerous games on sale with some items 50% off or more. Take a look, but note that most sale prices end tomorrow. 

Prey- $29.99 till 8/21 PS Store, Xbox store, Steam, and GameStop 

The Surge- $35.99 till 8/22 with PS Plus 

Titanfall 2- $19.99 till 8/22 with PS Plus or on Origin

Outlast 2- $17.99 till 8/22 with PS Plus




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