Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Story Unveiled, Whuuut?!?!

Epistle 3- From Laidlaw’s Site Today

Marc Laidlaw, the “Free Man”, the Sci-Fi writer by trade, released a link to Episode 3’s plot and story randomly on his twitter account today.  The fans crashed the site in turmoil plus there are still dubious claims Valve would make these games.

This was not entirely surprising considering Laidlaw left Valve earlier this year.  Marc is the lead writer for the games fictional story and background.  So bits of what he created could be revealed now that the dust has settled after his departure.  However, Episode 3 on the other hand?!?  This story gives fans something to feed off, well knowing the names and places were changed were actually main characters from the Half-Life franchise.

So is this it? Would we ever get this to be filled out in a game?  No one can promise another Half-Life game, but it can be guaranteed that this won’t be the last time we hear of the franchise.

For a lot of casual fans, it was possible not many knew who Marc Laidlaw was by name, but everyone certainly should know now.  Laidlaw could very well get full backing and help in creating new storylines for games that Valve has no control over, and by making some very successful and lucrative IP franchises, this could certainly nudge a lot of elbows to somehow get Half-Life back out there.

Check out the story from Laidlaw here.  Comment about this @custodiexitus on Twitter.  We’d love to hear what you think.




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