Top Five Games for Halloween – Single Player

Top Five Games for Halloween – Single Player


Outlast 2 – After playing the demo we knew that this game was going to be horrifying and it does not disappoint in the full game. Don’t play this game if you ever want to sleep nightmare free again!



Costume Quest 2 – Ok, so this game is different than the others on this list. But for a pallet cleanser we had to put something cute on here. And you don’t get any cuter than an RPG where your character goes trick-or-treating. Perfection!



Until Dawn – This is hands down the best looking PS4 game I have ever played and it came out in 2015! This game is so cool, it actually has phycological tests throughout it so the game learns what scares you and uses that against you. It was free in the PlayStation store recently if you were a PS Plus member but if you missed that it’s only $19.99. There is actually a prequel coming out on PSVR set 60 years before Until Dawn! It’s set to drop on November 21, 2017. It’s called “The Inpatient” and the trailer looks crazy! 



Little Nightmares – This game is like if Tim Burton actually worried about being scary instead of singlehandedly keeping Johnny Depp working. You can snatch this off of Steam for only $19!



Layers of Fear – This game has you wandering around a haunted mansion while you are slowly going insane! Perfect for Halloween! This game is also scheduled to come to Switch too, so keep an eye out for that! And if you already played it, it might be worth a revisit since there is a DLC Called “Inheritance” out. So the scares don’t have to be over.


So what are you playing this Halloween? Tell us @custodiexitus on!



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