Doom Unofficial Soundtrack on Spotify

Its been some time since we’ve curated a playlist to coincide with our favorite video games.  Whether you listen to music while gaming or simply want to keep that aura with you during whatever you’re doing, Doom is one game that has an original soundtrack that bears more than an adequate sound to one of the most fast paced and violent video games out there.  We love Mick Gordon’s arrangements and the music he composed for the official soundtrack for the game.  A Cyber Metal/Hell Synth theme to the music made the in-game experience so much more important to the intensity it conveys which is almost non-stop throughout each level.

So with the unfortunate news we will have to wait for Doom Eternal until March, we also know this is holding up a follow up soundtrack to the game as well.  In the meantime, finding that distinctive sound and intensity is certainly hard to find on Spotify but we were able to find great bands with similar or a combination of qualities we appreciated from the sound of the real Doom soundtrack.  Catching these bands on Spotify gave us a chance to now make our own unofficial soundtrack to the game and hopefully this helps you discover some new note-worthy bands for yourself.  We searched long and hard and found a solid 40 track playlist to keep you at bay until we get the real deal by next March.


So tell us what you think and what bands make your Doom playlist.  What playlists would you like to see from us next?  Click below to here our Doom playlist on Spotify here: Doom Unofficial Soundtrack by 




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