Yes, You’re Allowed to Play Games All Christmas Break

Some get the whole week, some get only a day, or maybe you get no time off at all.  Whatever you’re lucky enough to call Christmas break, please do just that and remember to take some time for yourself.  For me, that means simply ignoring family and friends.

gamer ignroPrimarily, I plan on catching up on some much needed gaming.  2019 gave us a terrific list of games to dive into with new worlds, new IPs, and even new ways to play.  After a stressful year, for once, a mental break period can happen with no guilt or hinderance and collectively we all know things can slow down for a short time.  Whether you caught yourself grinding away with frustration at work or school and maybe some spoiled, lazy piece of trash bothered you a little too much wherever you give your damnedest day after day, remember to free yourself from that negativity and allow a chance to reset this Holiday.

family gamer.jpgAgain, there’s no better escape (in our opinion) to get lost in an open-world game like Skyrim or Assassin’s Creed, or try an explorative base building RPG like Conan Exiles or even No Man’s Sky (its actually good now).  Maybe you have a lot of family over and you can’t necessarily skulk away by yourself.  If so, make the best of it and literally play any multiplayer Mario game on Switch like Mario Kart 8 or Luigi’s Mansion 3.  No switch? No problem, try games like Overcooked or Human Fall Flat, they’re cheap on digital console stores and you can have more than just two people playing together.  A word of caution, one year I had a week off of work between Christmas and New Years, and I “marathoned” gamed so hard it resulted in throwing out my back.  However, it was the best Christmas because I cheated my way out of not traveling to see family and I didn’t have to buy anyone a single gift.  So make sure to keep active or go to the gym to break up the extended game sessions.

gamer relax.jpgSo however you find yourself spending the holidays, you’ll get no judgement here if you decide to binge on some games.  You earned it and you wont be alone in style.  In all seriousness, best wishes to you and your family this Christmas and the Holidays.

merry xmz.jpg



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