Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Likely to Be Best Selling Game in Q4 2019

There isn’t much to go against that statement when you have the final episode of Star Wars being released one month after the game and during the Christmas holiday nonetheless.  What makes things different and at the potential of being one of the best selling games is that its not Star Wars: Battlefront and its the only other single-player video game that’s been released related to the decades long running billion dollar franchise since 2010.  The Force Unleashed games were the last true and dedicated single player experiences and were released on the last generation of consoles.   Besides mobile or multi-player games that have left fans severely critical of the sole publisher, Electronics Arts who has held the license in the past decade, there certainly has been a drought of new games to add to the beloved collection.


There was a golden age of Star Wars games to revere such titles like Shadow of the Empire, Knights of the Old Republic, and Republic Commando that were just a small list from an impressive library of Star Wars interactive software.  Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order seems to take notes from a more story driven direction that has been absent since the new trilogy of movies have been released.  With Respawn Entertainment taking the wheel, there is great promise in solid gameplay and development after being the entity behind games like the Titan Fall series and the short-lived sensation that was Apex Legends.  Despite the mountain of success already established with Epic Games’ Fortnite, Apex Legends became a note-worthy contender in the battle-royale genre for a short time but still sustains an impressive following and with a lucrative foothold in the current industry.  This could help breed positive speculation that EA kept in the backseat during production on their work with the new Star Wars title.   For the optimistic, Jedi: Fallen Order could be a breath of fresh air and EA’s realization that there can be more Star Wars games than just Battlefront out there!  Could we see more single-player campaign style games be green-lit in the future?  We certainly hope so.




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