No Sony at E3 2020- An Obvious Point That Should Be Mentioned

Again with the absences?  As we hear more about the divided expo, a statement about Playstation’s need for attendance in the showcase leans towards unnecessary to say the least.  Playstation’s critical popularity is not dependent on the event and will focus on demonstrations on their own terms such as their “State of Plays” and multiple smaller platforms.  With fans primarily keeping up with the hype on YouTube, news and details will surely get to everyone easy enough anyways.

expoHere is the speculation part: Sony is avoiding a pissing match with Microsoft over spec comparisons or simply avoiding saying the wrong thing.  Microsoft has a record of being hellbent on providing either more graphical advances or processing power to beat out its more popular contender.  But they are more commonly known to fuck up how they advertise their console. From selling without a hard drive on the 360 to restrictive policies. “Fastest.  Most Powerful.”, as said on their webpage and the Xbox may very well be once again with the Series X but it hasn’t affected Sony in the past.  Still, PS5 can only benefit from avoiding comparisons by not attending the expo as it still keeps them holding the high ground. Where Microsoft will keep the performance aspect as a higher selling point besides Game Pass, Sony’s alluring exclusive titles will likely keep fans from giving two shits.

sharing game ps4

Surely, you’ll see confirmed specification breakdowns later on, but it makes a critical statement if fans witness shortcomings on a mainstream platform, like E3, everyone is going to talk about.  If either presentations stumble, the other console can benefit from their mistake like the infamous block of sharing physical copies of games and the savage response and “demonstration” of how you can share games with PlayStation instead.

The E3 event can be just as damaging as it is beneficial depending on how it is handled.  Regardless, without much detail on what each console brings to the table, we anticipate curveballs on both sides and maybe some fouls as well.





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