Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Metal fans, Gamers, or Any Other Meat Bag You’re Stumped Getting For



Let’s face it, you have no idea what to get them, but you still want to pull off getting an impressive gift this holiday.  This list thinks outside the box a little while keeping the budget reasonable and pulling it off late in the game.  There are items on here that fit all of your last-minute time frames from catching the last expedited shipping date options to literally minutes before you have to hand out presents on the 25th.  Whether or not you think this list is shit or not, you’re running out of time and some advice would be to pull the trigger already.  No! I don’t mean kill yourself! Even though getting wrapped up in this superficial nightmare could make people want to, there’s no point in getting stressed out over it if you’re into this gift-giving kind of thing.  This list isn’t in any particular order, but keep in mind some ideas will require more time than others.  Here’s what we’ve got:

  1. What’s more Metal than getting a one-piece forged steel double-bit axe for Christmas?  If you can’t think of anything, then the Estwing Leather Grip Double Bit Axe is up there and makes for a bad-ass gift.  This light-weight single hand axe makes for a great tool for the outdoor types, looks cool hung up, and is of great quality steel.  Whether you’re splitting wood or zombie skulls, this blade gets the job done.  This cuts through stuff easy and comes with a nice sheath.  You’ll have the most luck finding something like this in a Cabela’s, any outdoors department, or anywhere with camping supplies. This should be around 50 bucks or less.
  2. This one is for the video game enthusiasts you know but have no idea what game they have, don’t have, or even what system they’re on.  I’ll take a chance here and say that this person has to have gotten some remote enjoyment out of Bethesda’s classic games of either Skyrim or Fallout 4.  If not, then disown them, forget them, or don’t associate with them because there’s no more fucking time! has a great merchandise store with all different types of cool gear that is themed towards their titles.  Almost all gamers out there know these games and if they’re not shitty to you, they’ll appreciate it and recognize you took a different approach with getting them some really cool video game merch.  Books, toys, clothes are just a few of the different kind of things they sell and prices will vary depending on the items you find.  It’s worth a look because they do offer quite a few unique things you wouldn’t see normally.  If you’re lucky, you may know other games they really like and I’d suggest checking out their company online stores as well.  If all else fails, should have most of everything but be careful of pricing.
  3. Get tickets to a show to a band they’ll like.  If you haven’t tried this app already then download Jambase for an easy directory to almost any band’s tour dates and showings.  You can even buy tickets right through there, print them out, and nestle them safely under the tree.  Shows are fun and it doesn’t necessarily have to be scheduled for that month, it could potentially be any future date you find listed.
  4. This idea could coincide with #3 if you wanted, but Band shirts/Merch.  Buying straight from the band’s site would be a great thing if possible.  However, some are hard to find and you may need to succumb to Amazon.  You could find some really good stuff for whom you are shopping for and they might have never seen it otherwise.
  5. While everyone’s blowing their load about Virtual Reality you can keep it retro with either the Nintendo NES Mini and play all the old school Nintendo favorites and cash in on the nostalgia factor.  Although, the Retron gaming systems maybe be the more logical choice due to its significant difference in price compared to the $200+ mini Nintendo system and the fact that it can play NES, SNES, Sega, and more depending on which system you buy.  The downfall is that if you go with Retron, you’ll need to buy the game cartridges from a second hand media store like 2nd and Charles to supply the gaming.   What’s good about the Retron systems are that they’re much easier to find and cost less than a full priced PS4 game in today’s market.
  6. Sign them up for a Spotify or Pandora account subscription so they can blast that double bass and listen to some sweet shredding through their commute as they roll up to work with no commercial interruption.  Both streaming music services are great for finding new music and it’s pretty damn classy to not have to hear advertisements.  Pandora runs cheaper for about $5/month while Spotify goes for $10, but you can get a deal for the first three months.  This will come in handy as one of those last minute gift ideas as well.
  7. is a legit web-based clothing store styled and accustomed to a line of popular video games and Sci-fi, but takes it to the next level.  You’ll have to see for yourself but they put a lot of time into creating textiles that can make you look like you’re apart of the game or the movie.  Do you know anywhere that you can buy movie quality Starwars Clothing?  Wear this stuff, and you’ll look like you just stole it from the film studio.  It’s just a cool idea that not many companies are doing and Musterbrand has incorporated a style and look that stays true to it’s subject, but wears casual in the way where you don’t look like you’re cosplaying or something.  It just looks good, and it’s different, but the pricing is no doubt expensive.
  8.  Yea fuck it, a crossbow.  Because, why not get one?  The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury crossbow sells on Amazon for just $165 which is surprisingly decent for what you get and since this market sells these things for hundreds of dollars to over one thousand dollars.  It’s a nice affordable starter Bow, and now anyone can get there Daryl Dixon on.  Just don’t shoot your eye out.

See if you can make anything work from this list or, at the least, maybe this heads you in the right direction.  Otherwise, there’s always gift cards and alcohol!


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