Rick and Morty, Archer, & new Chappelle! Waste the Nice Weather & Watch Some Shows.



Take a break from gaming and catch up on some shows that are popping up like spring flowers.


Archer – Dreamland
The first episode of Archer season 7 aired on April 5, 2017 and without giving anything away it’s great so far. When we saw the preview for the new Dreamland season we were wondering how they were going to connect the old seasons and the new 1940’s film noir style. Definitely excited to see the new setting and we commend the show for trying something different!

I feel like Archer would make a fantastic video game as well. And to my pleasant surprise, they already kind of do have a game in the form of an app. The new app is called, Archer PI and it’s an augmented reality companion app that lets you follow a hidden storyline. You watch the new season, open the app, and objects with clues will pop up. You put all of the clues together and solve the mystery within the app. I am not the type of person who would typically care about an app, but it’s Archer! The new season of Archer is on every Wednesday so add that to your list of things to do.


Rick and Morty – season 3
The new season of Rick and Morty premiered as an April Fools joke and I was so happy to see it come back! Season two ended on a cliff hanger and no matter how comforting Mr.PoopyButtHole was at the end of the season finale episode, I was still worried it was going to be a long time before we’d see a new season.


The new episode was a strong start and the show just gets better and better in my opinion. I didn’t even know the new season had started until I kept seeing Szechwan sauce recipes pop up. I hear we will have to wait till summer to see the rest of the episodes but with the quality of the show so high, I am totally fine with that.


Dave Chapelle Netflix Specials
Recently Netflix has been kind of useless for us. The movie choices are abysmal and I find myself just watching old episodes of Bob’s Burgers over and over. When I saw the Dave Chapelle specials pop up in my recommendations I was pretty excited! I don’t want to ruin the special for you but it’s worth a watch! He does this joke about his son meeting Kevin Hart and it was hilarious. He still has it and I am so glad to see new material from this comedian. So pass on the Amy Schumer leather special and see something actually funny. Ugh, and can I just say, just seeing the mini preview of the leather special was cringeworthy.


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