5 Last-Gen Must Play Games


Sometimes you just have to go old school to appreciate and experience better games out there. Whether you never got to them or were unconvinced, here’s a quick list to consider from some of the best games out there from 7-10 years ago.  Even now, these titles still stick with fans today and the list selects games that currently have no continuance in the series or hasn’t released anything new yet.  Take a look and decide for yourself:

  1. Half-Life 2: The Orange Box -Always the butt of an E3 joke as to when we will see another episode or installment revealed.  Five different games in the box and they’ll be worth every penny.
  2. Dead Space: The series becomes a staple to the survival horror fan and go back to a time where the object was to face your fears, not run from them in this classic Sci-Fi horror trilogy by Visceral Games. 
  3. La Noire: Mixed reviews and a controversial development strategy doesn’t negate the fact that the game has the best face-motion capture that even beats most current-gen titles out now. You may not be in to mystery-detective games, but it’s more than that.
  4. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway-was meant to be just the first installment in a multi-chapter series but didn’t get the light of day due to the saturation of WW2 games at the time.  This game got squad combat right and is one of the very few third-person/first-person WW2 shooters out there.
  5. Red Dead Redemption: The Wild West open world game from Rockstar Games gets everything right and brings about some of the most memorable gaming moments to fans. The shooting mechanics are real fun and brings out a great story.

Those are our recommendations and you can cover this whole list for under $50.  An honorable mention goes to Max Payne 3 that brought the original bullet time during the PS2 era.  The iconic game sends for a dramatic close on the PS3 and even has a soundtrack done by the band, Health. It really makes those jumps shooting backwards pretty great with that OST going.

Do you agree with our list? Know of any better recommendations?  Comment us @custodiexitus on Twitter.  We’d love to hear your feedback.




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