Farcry 5 Set in Montana….WHUT?

The official announcement trailer will be here in two days and we were graced with this possible cover art photo for the next installment of Far Cry just today on Ubisoft’s Twitter.  Analyzing this a bit further reveals the story that will supposedly take place in the state of Montana and looks to be present time.  This happens to be contrary to the Wild West-Red Dead prediction many have had previously thought.  Although, now that Rockstar Games has pushed back the release for Red Dead 2 to 2018, Ubisoft could have taken advantage of their own game on the Western Frontier within a similar time-setting.  

Luckily, Farcry 5 will take upon itself to what seems like an original independent story for the very popular open-world FPS.  Unfortunately, it just doesn’t look to be all that interesting.  This could be a remarkable game and no one could write this off this early.  However, Ubisoft’s track record hasn’t exactly earned itself a hype-train to anything next they release but Farcry is in a better element to a lot of their followers.

So far, all we know is this centered character looks to be the main villain surrounded with his chronies to what forms a country out-doorish cult/religion fanatic group fully equipped with guns, pie, and moonshine!  A drug ring or another smuggling business could be an element to their operation as we can see in the art there must be a lot of low-altitude flying missions and a main means of open world travel.  We can obviously expect forestry, mountainous, and farm landscapes as the majority of the games map.  It would be exciting to see more developed town areas as well.

Each teaser subtly reveals something sinister happening within Hope County that seems to channels FX’s TV show, Fargo that displays similarities in their type of advertisements you may occasionally see on TV.  Maybe the Farcry team binge-watches the show and that charm will carry over into the game, maybe not.

Again, we can only speculate so early, but it is very surprising to see Farcry end up in Montana after everywhere else the series has gone before.  We are very interested to see what’s different this time around and to get a better idea of the story, but this first impression has put us into a more critical mindset.  As ominous as each teaser is, we hope their is a great focus for story-driven content which looks like the game’s biggest potential to entice fans all around.

Check out the teaser trailer here:

What’s your take on Farcry 5 so far? Are you still excited now that we may know the main setting for the game?  Comment us @custodiexitus on Twitter.  We’d love to hear your feedback.




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